OSCE: Near Horlivka, a mine blew up a truck

ОБСЕ: Возле Горловки на мине подорвался грузовик

Machine with local residents exploded by anti-tank mine.

Near the village of Bairak in the area of Gorlovka of Donetsk region on the anti-tank mine exploded under a truck with the locals. In the accident were injured woman and man, according to the report of SMM OSCE.

“Observers spoke with 55-year-old woman who reported that he had received injuries when the truck in which she was riding struck a mine. According to her, the incident occurred at about 19:30 on 12 June near the settlement Bayrak, East of the DPR-controlled Horlivka (39 km North-East of Donetsk)”, – stated in the message.

The woman also said that she injured her left shoulder, and her husband, who was traveling with her suffered minor head injuries. She added that often used this way.

“In Gorlovka officer emergency services informed the Mission team that the truck, which rode a man and a woman was hit by anti-tank mine. He added that the incident was discovered six anti-tank mines, which were then neutralized by controlled blasting”, – added in the report.

Earlier in the OSCE stated that the number of victims in the Donbass increased.

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