OSCE observers came under fire

Наблюдатели ОБСЕ попали под обстрел

Heard about 10 shots

Fired small arms from a distance of 100 -150 meters. Bullets flew over the heads of the members of the patrol mission.

Observers special monitoring mission of the OSCE on Thursday, August 16, came under fire in the separatist-controlled territory of the DNI near the settlement Golmovsky, 49 kilometers northeast of Donetsk. This is stated in the mission report.

Three members of the patrol missions were outside, and the two remained in the car SMM. Armed with machine guns separatist and a member of the CP Company Donbass Water talked to the observers, while two other separatist and two men were sitting in a nearby parked van.

At 09:14 three members of the patrol, the SMM, which was outside of the car, heard the explosion of uncertain origin about 500 metres to the North, and then another explosion of uncertain origin roughly 500 metres South-South-East, followed by about 10 shots from small arms at a distance of 100-150 meters to the North and North-West.

The OSCE’s assessment, in the case of two of those 10 shots bullets flew over the heads of the three members of the patrol mission, which was outside of the car.

Members of the patrol, the SMM immediately got into the car and left the area, then returned to the front of patrol base in Gorlovka.

According to the OSCE, the separatists and the employee of the CP Company Donbass Water got in the van that they drove away from the area.

Earlier in LNR separatists were aiming to OSCE members from a vending machine. He took the machine off guard and sent him to the observers.

As reported, the OSCE recorded the funeral van, plying across the border in the Donbas.

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