OSCE Observers were threatened with violence

ОБСЕ: Наблюдателям угрожали расправой

The mission was prevented from access to the uncontrolled by Ukraine territories.

OSCE mission in Donbas once again prevented access to the occupied territories. It is stated in the report of Special monitoring mission of the OSCE.

“During a patrol in the controlled DND C. Nameless (30 km East of Mariupol) the members of the patrol Mission, saw the pile of stones on the road and a nearby four men in the form of a military type. Another man, dressed in a military-type jacket, screaming and waving her hands in the direction of the patrol, the SMM, holding the stone and metal object. When he arrived at a civilian car, the observers saw one of the men pushed the stones to skip it. After that the patrol Mission left the area,” – said in the message.

Earlier, the OSCE mission declared abandoned in their car with a smoke grenade.

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