OSCE recorded more than 240 explosions in the Donbas

ОБСЕ зафиксировала более 240 взрывов на Донбассе

The OSCE has recorded more than 240 explosions in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions

In the Donetsk region a day recorded the most violations of the cease-fire.

Observers Special monitoring mission of the Organization for security and cooperation in Europe in days fixed more than 240 explosions in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions. This is stated in the report of the mission for the period from 19:30 on 7 January until 19:30 on 8 January, published on the OSCE website.

Thus, in the Donetsk region, the SMM observed a rise in the number of violations of the cease-fire, when compared with the previous day (fixing approximately 235 explosions against roughly 150).

In particular, late in the evening of 8 January and during the night of 9 January, the observers, being in the center of Donetsk, heard explosions 16 uncertain origin in the 5-12 km to the North-West. Also, the day January 9, monitoring at the Central railway station of Donetsk, within roughly hours the mission team heard 44 the explosion of uncertain origin and about 50 rounds from a heavy machine gun – all in 3-5 km to the West.

However, on January 9, being 1 km from the government-controlled S. Pischevik, members of the patrol mission heard 10 explosions, assessed as shots from weapons of unknown type, and 1 explosion of uncertain origin – all within 1-2 km to the North-East, and 9 explosions of uncertain origin and small arms fire on an unspecified distance to the North-East.

“In the Luhansk region, the Special monitoring mission has recorded the same number of violations of the ceasefire and fewer explosions (6), when compared with the previous day (12 blasts),” said observers.

Earlier, the OSCE observers have recorded over 130 bombings in Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

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