OSCE: Separatists placed mines in the Luhansk region

ОБСЕ: Сепаратисты разместили мины в Луганской области

Mines located in the area 500 meters in length.

Unmanned aerial vehicle special monitoring mission of the OSCE, the average range was first discovered 18 anti-tank mines with fuse action of the pressure in the area of Golden Lugansk region. On Friday, October 19, the press service of the mission.

According to the OSCE, mines located in the area stretching 500 meters South of the checkpoint of terrorists located South of the area breeding in the area of Golden.

The UAV also recorded that on the bands of width of 3-5 m on both sides from the highway Т1316 was, apparently, cut grass.

Earlier, the special observers monitoring mission of the OSCE recorded as from tractors separatists unloaded six tanks of unknown type in the area occupied by the Grain of the village, near Donetsk.