OSCE: the Yelenovka was fired from the West

ОБСЕ: Еленовку обстреляли с запада

The OSCE did not specify to whom the controlled area, which is fired at Elenovka

The shelling at Yelenovka killed four people.

OSCE observers declare that Elenovka Donetsk region fired from the West. This is stated in the message of the organization on the results of the examination of the scene of the attack on Lenin street, which was made the day before.

Earlier in the OSCE confirmed the death of four people in the shelling Yelenovka. According to the mission, the bombs fell 650 metres North of the checkpoint, which is controlled by DNR and located at a distance of four kilometers East of the demarcation line.

“Observers” the SMM conducted the analysis of the two funnels directly on the site of the incident and another two in a residential quarter near. According to the analysis, the SMM has determined that the fire was coming from West-South-West direction. According to preliminary estimates, the type of weapon that was used, – artillery caliber of 122 mm is not less than”, – stated in the message.

There were also noticeable damage to the fence and the roof of a nearby house, 8-10 m in the South-East from the first point of impact, as well as at 11-12 m to the East from the second point of impact. Openings formed by shrapnel were the size of a grapefruit. The Windows in the house were broken. Broken wires of power lines lying on the first car, says the report of the OSCE.

According to the testimony of local residents, as well as separatists, shelling occurred at 2:45 a.m. April 27. In the morgue of Donetsk reported that they had received the bodies of four people who died in the shelling – three men and one woman. Another man with injuries was hospitalized, the report says the OSCE.

Note, the OSCE report is not reported, who controlled the territory from which fire was opened.

The DNR blames the incident APU fighters. At the headquarters of the ATO reported that during the night from the uncontrolled territory of heard the shots from small arms, but did not open fire in response.

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