Oschadbank has more than 100 billion to depositors of Sberbank of the USSR

Ощадбанк должен более 100 млрд вкладчикам Сбербанка СССР

Oschadbank has billions of the depositors of the Soviet

Oschadbank gradually pay billions of debts of the USSR.

Obligations of the state to Ukrainian depositors of the USSR savings Bank are 107,65 billion. This was reported in Oshchadbank, reports LIGA.net.

As noted, in 1996, Ukraine had converted the debt of Sberbank of the USSR before the Ukrainians in the national currency at the ratio of 1.05 UAH 1 karbovanets. The size of the debt at 1 October 1996 was estimated at 131,96 billion, of this amount, the savings amounted to 121,9 billion.

Principal payments of compensation took place in 2008 (6,061 billion) and in 2012 (4.5 billion UAH).

In April 2013 the Ministry of Finance evaluated the amount of debt to depositors of the USSR savings Bank in 116,76 billion.