Östersund: Ukraine won bronze in the women’s relay

Эстерсунд: Украина завоевала бронзу в женской эстафете

Medal of our team gave Anastasiya Merkushyna, Yuliya Jim and sisters Semerenko.

In Ostersund, Sweden ended the women’s relay at the world Championships in biathlon. The Ukrainian team took third place in this race, behind only Norway and the host country of the competition – Sweden.

The first stage trainers of our national team was entrusted to pass Anastasia Merkushina that without problems overcame two shooting stages, losing to the Italian, Vittozzi just 5 seconds. Later took the baton of Vita Semerenko. The girl made 1 mistake and lost 2 positions after the first shooting.

Third in the team went the distance Yulia Jim. Athlete made two mistakes, but passed the baton to the 3rd. And finished Valj Semerenko, who also used two cartridges in excess of, but in the end brought to our national team bronze medals.

It is worth noting that at the finish our team almost pushed Germany. Laura dahlmeier fought to the last with the valley, but Ukrainian was stronger and gave our country the third place.

Relay. Women
1. Norway (1+8) 1:12:00,1
2. Sweden (0+6) +24,3
3. Ukraine (0+5) +35,1
4. Germany (1+14) +35,6
5. Russia (0+12) +43,6
6. Slovakia (0+9) +53,1

Recall that in this championship the Ukraine already has one medal – Pidruchny in the pursuit won gold. In the single mixed relay on the eve of Ukraine became the fifth.

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