OUN said that have nothing to do with yesterday’s protests in Kiev

В ОУН заявили, что не имеют отношения к вчерашним протестам в Киеве

In the Organization of Ukrainian nationalists (OUN) declared that have nothing to do with yesterday’s protests in Kiev. Comments about this “UKRINFORM” said the Chairman of the OUN Bogdan Chervak.

Also, according to him, Nikolay Kohanivsky, who was the organizer of yesterday’s pogroms in Kiev and is represented by the leader of the “volunteer movement of the OUN”, is actually irrelevant to the Organization of Ukrainian nationalists.

“OUN to the events of yesterday in the center of Kiev is irrelevant. Rather, they discrediting the idea of independence and the idea of the Ukrainian revolution than it is a celebration of the anniversary of the Maidan. Yesterday’s events did not reflect the real situation with the evaluation and significance of what happened three years ago,” said Chervak.

He expressed the belief that such events “used by enemies of Ukraine, including Moscow, which, as a rule, they announce, and then uses to promote their TV channels.”

In relation Kohanivsky, which reportedly led protesters to storm “of Medvedchuk’s staff”, then, according to the Chairman of the OUN, it has no relation to the Organization of Ukrainian nationalists.

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“They only use the name” OUN “, but these people to OUN are irrelevant. So with our organization has always been. Remember the same events of the Second world war, when in the form of the OUN and the UPA was changed, the Bolsheviks did atrocities under the name of OUN. In our time, too, these stories were. always someone wanted to use the abbreviation “OUN” in order to discredit the national liberation movement, Ukraine and Ukrainians. What is happening today, – it is from this Opera,” he said.

“I wouldn’t want to give details frankly marginal figure and to enter into a debate with someone who does not represent any real political or social significance. As the Chairman of the OUN can’t I fall through the floor”, – he explained.

The real soldiers of the battalion of the OUN yesterday participating in the riots in Kiev did not take, convinced Chervak. “Yes, there is no one who fought. Those who fought, they still fight. But never those who fought, will not make what is happening Kohanivsky. Talk with the soldiers, and they will tell you why.”

As reported, the evening of 21 November in Kiev on Independence square began popular Assembly. Later became aware of the clashes that occurred between the participants and police officers.

After the national Assembly some of its members went to the office of Viktor Medvedchuk. There are people staged a picket. Later the building flew fire, fire. In addition, the protesters broke Windows in the building “Sberbank”, located on Lev Tolstoy square.

The police promised to prosecute those involved in the massacre of Sberbank in Kiev.

As you know, in Ukraine on 21 November celebrated the Day of dignity and freedom. The holiday was established by decree of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in 2014.

The day of dignity and freedom is celebrated in honor of the start of two revolutions: the Orange Revolution of dignity.

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