Outcome 11.04: trump’s Threats against Syria and the collapse of the ruble

Итоги 11.04: Угрозы Трампа по Сирии и обвал рубля

The US President urged Russia to prepare for a strike on Syria, the ruble has fallen to two-year lows, Bolivia convened the UN security Council: Корреспондент.net presents the main events of yesterday.

UNESCO will place observers in the Crimea

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin said that UNESCO had made a decision that will make possible the placement of the monitoring mission in Crimea.

He stressed that the decision will actually give opportunity for the placing of the monitoring mission and the struggle for educational rights, science, protection of cultural monuments on the Peninsula.

Savchenko in writing addressed to Lutsenko

Under arrest Hope Savchenko appealed to Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko and the Ombudsman Lyudmila Denisova with a request to give her the opportunity to conduct parliamentary activities. In particular, she asked me to allow her date with official assistants-consultants.

Trump has warned Russia about the missile strike on Syria

The President of the United States Donald trump wrote on Twitter that the US will strike a missile attack on Syria in spite of the threats of Russia.

He warned the Russian authorities that they “should not be partners with “the animal that kills gas their fellow citizens,” referring to Bashar al-Assad.

Who said the 43 victims himataki in the Syrian Duma

The world health organization reported that the Syrian city of Duma 43 people died and 500 suffered from symptoms similar to poisoning by toxic chemicals.

The ruble plummeted to two-year lows

The dollar and the Euro continued its growth on the Moscow exchange. On the morning of 11 April, the dollar rose above the 64 rubles for the first time from 5 December 2016, the Euro at the moment has exceeded 80 rubles for the first time since March 10, 2016.

Bolivia called for a meeting of the UN security Council over Syria

Bolivia initiated the convening of the UN Security Council to discuss “the escalation around Syria and the threat of unilateral military action.” An extraordinary UN security Council meeting on the morning of April 12 behind closed doors.

In the elections in Azerbaijan, the incumbent President

In Azerbaijan, the ruling party announced the victory of its candidate, incumbent head of state Ilham Aliyev in the presidential election. It is noted that the results of the exit polls, Aliyev receives more than 80% came to the land, and so he “won a landslide victory”.

In Algeria crashed military transport aircraft

In Algeria crashed military transport aircraft. The accident killed 257 people, including ten members of the crew. Most were on Board were military personnel.

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