Over the past day militants fired about 15 shells at the AFU positions near the mine “Butovka” – Mironovich

За минувшие сутки боевики выпустили около 15 мин по позициям ВСУ вблизи шахты "Бутовка", – Миронович

Wednesday, may 18, militants fired Ukrainian military positions near the mine “Butovka”. There they released about 15 min. About it on air of TV channel “112 Ukraine” said the speaker staff ATO Anton myronovych.

“The trend to use the Minsk agreements prohibited weapons remains virtually unchanged. We’re not talking about any large-scale heavy shelling, at least the last 2 days, but nevertheless virtually every day there are a lot of episodes. Yesterday the militants fired at our position, this so-called mine “Butovka”. There they released about 15 min of the 120-mm mortars”, – said the speaker staff ATO.

In addition, myronovych denies rumors allegedly Ukrainian soldiers are strictly prohibited to use any weapon.

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“We can use weapons only in case of direct danger to our soldiers and civilians. On the last days 2 times we returned fire,” said Mironovich.

We will remind, for the last day fighters shelled positions of Ukrainian military 17 times.