Overpay all. As Ukraine buys coal

Переплачиваем всем. Как Украина покупает уголь

Refusing because of the blockade of Donbass from own coal Ukraine continues to buy it at an inflated price.

Ukrainian politics lately often declare the termination of the energy dependence of Ukraine, and how much they do.

In the framework of this policy took place and reports that Ukraine will buy gas in the United States.

President Petro Poroshenko personally agree with Donald trump. Moreover, the President argued that the decision to carry coal from the States that this will ensure “transparency” of the energy market and energy security.

However, it turned out that Ukraine will seriously overpay for American coal. What is the transparency of such work?

Expensive coal

Ukraine will buy coal-anthracite in the United States over $ 113 per ton. It is only on the price of the first batch of 85 thousand tons, and all should be purchased before the end of the year 700 thousand tons, and the shipments, according to management “Tsentroenergo” will change.

The price of 113 dollars is significantly higher than all offers.

As of August 1, the price of coal futures in Rotterdam was 81-83 USD/t, depending on the month of delivery.

Price 113 $ 16 $ higher than the one on which “Centrenergo” was supposed to supply coal to the Georgian company of Saknakhshiri – 96,9 dollar per ton.

For example, the energy holding “DTEK” of businessman Rinat Akhmetov buys the coal from the mine office obukhovskoe in Russia at a price of $ 95 per ton including delivery to the power station of Ukraine.

The cost of imported coal from South Africa for DTEK was about $ 100 per ton.

It should be noted that no data on the quality of coal, which Centrenergo will purchase.

Lost due to the blockade of coal “DNR/LNR” was worth about $ 50 per ton.

Strange company

Centrenergo has signed an agreement for the supply of coal with an American company Xcoal.

However, the latest news on the website Xcoal date back to 2012 – so in General it is unclear what this company is doing today.

Financial analyst Oleksandr Parashchiy called American company – the unknown firm that had no experience in coal supplies.

All your favorite Americans

The administration of President Donald trump announced the agreement with Ukraine an important tool to undermine Russian influence over its European neighbours.

That’s what this transaction in its press release, said the Minister of Commerce Wilbur Ross: “As promised during the election campaign, the President trump releases from the shackles of the us energy every day in office. This brings tremendous benefits to the coal communities of our country…”.

“It turns out that agreement, our government only carries out the campaign promises of President trump makes the best of life of American miners. Like the Ukrainian miners do not complain to life, and our President fully fulfilled his campaign promises” – says para.

The company Xcoal noted that the supply of coal to Ukraine will support and create hundreds of jobs for the miners of Pennsylvania. However, for us to score.

The new price hike of electricity?

Experts believe that because of the expensive coal Ukrainians should expect an increase in the cost of electricity.

“American coal will be burned at Trypilska TPP of Centrenergo, and at that price, only the fuel costs of the plant will pull somewhere in the 175 cents per kWh. This is more than previously announced, the average rate of our thermal power plants in 2017, 130 cents. Moreover, example Centrenergo can follow DTEK, quite rightly demanding high tariffs for its anthracite stations. Thus, with the formula “Rotterdam+” we can upgrade to a more expensive formula “Appalachian+”, with the corresponding increase in electricity bills”, says para.

Since March 1 of the first 100 kilowatt of electricity cost for Ukrainians, HR 90, each additional kilowatt – UAH 1.68. This is the price after the fifth increase of tariffs, which, as promised, will be the last. However, these fares were set when the anthracite cost on average $ 60 per ton. What could be the new tariffs is an open question.