Overview InoSMI: the West needs a carrot for Ukraine

Обзор ИноСМИ: Западу нужен кнут для Украины

As Ukrainian politics in the West, the Queen’s birthday and new tourism trends in the foreign press digest.

West should say to Ukraine: no reforms, no money – Foreign Policy

The new Prime Minister of the country Vladimir Groysman has barely begun to official duties, and it is already being criticized as an insider who will keep the corruption in its current form.

The Ukrainian “old guard”, remaining from the times before the Euromaidan, remove President Yanukovych in 2014, it seems, is showing more of a willingness to undermine the democratic development of the country to silence its critics.

Using the February law, been subjected to serious criticism, the party of President Poroshenko was expelled from Parliament of two critical members.

The Cabinet of Ministers forbade civil servants to criticize the leaders of the country. But perhaps worst of all, the Prosecutor’s office took over the repertoire of the Kremlin, when used trumped-up charges of stealing money from the American aid to RAID the Ukrainian leading anti-corruption non-governmental organization.

A corrupt and increasingly authoritarian behavior of the Kiev politicians is not only a betrayal of what made the revolutionaries “Euromaidan”. It is also a slap in the face to the Vice-President of the United States Joe Biden – perhaps the most high-ranking friend of Ukraine in the West.

It is time to wait with the cakes and get out the whip

The first step is recognition, as we have already begun to do, experts on Ukraine, President Poroshenko – for the most part not a problem, not its solution.

He, of course, the democratically elected leader of Ukraine so that the West (and Ukrainians) continue to support him, at least for the moment. The challenge is to find ways to assist him and his government pressure.

It’s time to put the conditions for the provision of further financial assistance: no reform, no assistance.

As terrorists and refugees affect tourism – Der Standard

The coming summer could be a record for Spanish tourism. So, in the first quarter of the tourist industry in Spain showed an increase of 4.4% compared to the same period last year, and this has led to the emergence of 90 thousand new jobs.

First of all trend is due to the continuing unstable situation in competing destinations like Tunisia, Egypt and Turkey.

Total revenues from tourism bring to 11% in the Spanish GDP. However, in the sky there are dark clouds: despite the increase in the number of tourists from abroad, hoteliers are not in a hurry to increase investment, although they are necessary in order to attract new paying customers from USA, Latin America, far Eastern States.

Also, despite the large demand and a large number of peremanivanie in Spain and Portugal, as well as the reduction of prices of aviation fuel, significantly increased the prices of tickets.

The situation in the resorts of Greece is completely different: instead of tourists arriving refugees

Huge flows of migrants from crisis hotbeds in the middle East affect tourism, and, as confirmed in the travel Agency Ruefa, the number of bookings to the Islands of Lesbos, Chios, Samos and KOs have fallen compared with last year by 80-90%.

In other Greek regions, including the Islands of Crete and Rhodes, the number of tourists arriving by air, on the contrary, even increasing. And on the Islands of Mykonos, Zakynthos and Corfu there is an increase flow by 20-30%.

Queen’s Birthday – The New York Times

She served 12 Prime Ministers since Churchill. She held his country through the sunset of the British Empire, steadfastly endured the tragedy of family and people, and on 9 September surpassed Queen Victoria, instead of it becoming the reigning monarch in British history.

She’s 64 years on the throne and became known as the strongest man in his Kingdom.

21st April Queen Elizabeth II will celebrate his ninetieth birthday, and grateful Britain will honor woman, which her biographer Douglas Hurd, former foreign Minister, called “Unshakable”.

As this is Britain, important date to celebrate lavishly with warm beer, lengthening hours of operation of pubs, equestrian performances and the actress Helen Mirren, won an Oscar for her role as Queen.

However, as befits a workhorse who participated in 341 th meeting last year, Elizabeth started the jubilee celebrations with an important event: in the center of delivery “Royal mail” with her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, watched as his staff sorted the mail, and listened to the choir of programs.

On Thursday she will ignite the first of the 900-odd celebratory beacons. On Friday at Windsor castle the Queen will congratulate happy birthday President Obama.

The old PlayStation isinhuman– Corriere della Sera

The court in the capital of Norway acknowledged the conditions of detention of Anders Breivik’s “inhuman and degrading”.

The Oslo court ruled that to deprive a person of communication with other means to violate his fundamental right to treat him “humiliating way”, to deny his humanity.

Breivik is serving a punishment for a term of 21 years in prison for Skien for the preparation and implementation of the worst mass murder on Norwegian soil since the Second world war.

Breivik on 22 July 2011 made a double attack: a car blew up in the political center of the capital, resulting in 8 people were killed, over 200 wounded. Then on the island of Utoya, where every year a camp for young supporters of the Norwegian labour party, he staged a hunt for people.

The carnage was stopped by soldiers of special forces. Breivik killed 77 people. The youngest victim was 14 years old.

Breivik has been imposed harsh sentence. Over the years, in addition to the prison staff and lawyers, through the glass wall he saw only his mother, who died in 2013. Last year he circulated through the Newspapers an open letter in which he called the “unbearable” conditions: cold coffee, plastic utensils, a ban on the use of moisturizer, PlayStation 2, not 3… But most importantly it’s personal examination, inspection of the correspondence, the inability to maintain relationships with members of his new far-right movement, isolation, undermining his mental balance that prevents the continuation of the study of political science.

In particular, the court found solitary confinement the convicted person a violation of article 3 of the European Convention prohibiting torture and inhuman and degrading attitude: too hard to endure the loneliness in the cell 22-23 hours.

The authorities did nothing to alleviate the suffering of the prisoner, despite his “exemplary” behavior.

However, the judges concluded that the provisions of the 8th article is not broken: it refers to the right to private and family life and secrecy of correspondence.

Breivik remains a threat, confirming his intention to turn the process into a platform: he appeared with a shaved head and raised his hand in a Nazi salute. Many relatives of the victims refused to attend the hearing.