Overview InoSMI: what Europe has chastised Ukraine

Обзор ИноСМИ: За что Европа отчитала Украину

The implementation of the Minsk agreements, the U.S. presidential election and negotiations of Russia with NATO, in foreign press digest.

France points to the agenda for Ukraine – Le Figaro

During the visit to Moscow the Minister for foreign Affairs of France Jean-Marc Ayrault reminded Kyiv on obligations in compliance with the peace agreements, thus virtually taking the side of the Kremlin.

At the meeting with his Russian counterpart Ayrault sent a clear warning to the Ukrainian authorities suspected of delaying the process of implementation of the peace agreements.

In the same vein, he appreciated the initiative of the new Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman to create the Ministry of the occupied territories, criticized Sergei Lavrov.

“The Kiev authorities should carry out reforms, in particular to amend the Constitution regarding the special status of Donbass and the electoral process in the region. We hope that the results will be reached before the end of the first half,” said Jean-Marc Ayrault.

As for Moscow, Ayrault was confined to those that called on the Russian authorities to “use their influence” on the separatists of Donbass, despite the fact that, according to Western intelligence, the separatists are fully accountable to the Kremlin.

What they will say NATO and Russia – Politico

Today will be a meeting of representatives of NATO and Russia on a high – the highest in the last two years. There will be a meeting of the Council Russia-NATO at the level of envoys.

But the only sign of rapprochement – the fact of the conversation: even their interpretation of the topics included in the agenda of the session, extremely differ from each other.

An unnamed NATO officer said: “there will be an exchange of views, and a signal coming from the top, especially from the United States.” But another NATO source said: “Practical cooperation will remain in frozen mode”.

“Relations between NATO and Russia in very bad shape, told journalists last Friday, Alexander Grushko, Russia’s envoy to NATO. – We have no positive agenda or any project that could be used for the restoration of cooperation in areas of common interest”.

For its part, an unnamed NATO officer said in an interview: “We’ll tell the Russians that they bear greater responsibility for the failure of implementation of the Minsk agreements”.

The source added: “they are continuing to use militants and supplying weapons to the separatists and still has troops in Eastern Ukraine”

The Russian side said that the Minsk agreements are broken, as Kiev has not changed the Constitution and adopted the law on Amnesty participants of the conflict.

An unnamed official expects that the meeting will be a “clash of worldviews”: Russia accuse NATO to aggressively strengthen its Eastern flank, NATO and Russia in destabilizing the situation and refusal to modernize inspection regime.

How the EU is going to fight a hybrid war – The Wall Street Journal

On Tuesday, the defence Ministers of European countries supported the creation of a new organization that would facilitate the synthesis of information and identification of the threats from so-called “hybrid war”.

The initiative, according to some officials, may ultimately lead to strengthening cooperation in combating terrorism.

The center of information processing should enable the EU to coordinate information from all the many bureaucracy of the block, and perhaps create an early warning system.

The Russian strategy in Crimea and Ukraine, mostly based on hybrid tactics. Officials claim that this term can also be applied to a number of terrorist attacks organized by “Islamic state” and other terrorist organizations in the middle East.

Some EU officials argue that the continent is already underway hybrid attack “Islamic state”.

“On the streets of Europe already bleeding; foreign fighters returning back, said one EU official. Is a reality”.

Defence Ministers met in Luxembourg with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and EU high representative for foreign Affairs Federica Mogherini.

“If there’s one area in which absolutely apparent increased efficiency of cooperation between NATO and the EU, this hybrid threat,” said Mogherini after the meeting.

While NATO has the forces that can quickly type in any country to prevent “hybrid threats”, the Alliance claims that the partnership with the EU needs to attract diplomatic and economic instruments of unit.

The Americans decided on the candidates for President – The Financial Times

On Tuesday night, handing Donald Trump deafening, and Hillary Clinton a landslide victory, the new York primaries finally clarified trends that have developed in the U.S. in the last few months.

Clinton will be the nominee of the Democratic party, and the trump will raise hell if the Republican delegates to take away his chance to become her enemy.

New York voters simply confirmed what we already knew: Clinton, undermined its credibility and thereby difficult his task will be released for the General election a strong favorite to win the White house.

All else is only a very informative details. Perhaps the most significant of them is uncharacteristic restraint victory speech trump.

Managing to make the last four weeks of the worst in his entire campaign is a miss on the penalty, including insulting the couple top contender – trump seems to have learned to restrain myself, well at least for a while.

For the first time after the new York billionaire named its main rival Ted Cruz “Senator Cruz” and not “deceitful Ted”.

Oddly enough to say such a thing about these elections is unpredictable, the final outcome is not subject to special certain: Clinton will be nominated from the Democrats, and the Republicans will do anything to help her overcome the finish line