Overwork and compulsive gambling who recognized diseases

Переутомление и игроманию ВОЗ признала болезнями

Gambling recognized mental disorder

At the session of the world health Assembly in Geneva approved ICD-11. It will come into force from 2022.

The world health organization has approved version 11 of the International classification of diseases (ICD-11) at the session of the world health Assembly in Geneva, reported on the who website on 25 may.

Fatigue, also called burnout, is described as “physical and mental exhaustion due to chronic stress associated with the job.”

In the case of gambling, to diagnose it as a disease, not a hobby, it is necessary to fix negativnoe the effects of computer games in family, social, educational, occupational and other areas of life. Usually gaming disorder observed for at least 12 months.

The updated who document will come into force from 1 January 2022.

Previously, scientists said that students, gamers learn better than their peers who play less or not play at all, girl gamers are more likely to be “geeks”.


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