Owners of cars with foreign registration has blocked the checkpoint “Uzhgorod”, border guards used force

Владельцы авто с иностранной регистрацией заблокировали пункт пропуска "Ужгород", пограничники применили силу

“Peresechenie” blocked “Uzhgorod” 30.11.16

Owners of cars with foreign registration yesterday around 22:00 blocked cars pass point “Uzhgorod” on the border with Slovakia. It is reported by the Western regional administration of state frontier service in Facebook.

Obviously, such actions, motorists are again asked to resolve the situation with the “Peresetsky” – the necessity, the owners of cars with foreign registration every 5-10 days to cross the border.

It is reported that 7 vehicles with foreign registration is under the control of the citizens of Ukraine have passed all the testing for departure from Ukraine at the checkpoint, drove up to the boundary line and turned towards the oncoming lane.

“One of the passengers, leaving the vehicle, pushed a metal fence and ran other cars on the oncoming lane, which leads in the direction of Ukraine. Then the drivers stopped and blocked the entrance of the checkpoint”, – reported in the SBS.

The police say that drivers of these cars interfered with the lawful actions of the border guards threatened them with physical violence and used profanity. In response, the guards used physical force.

“In response, the state border service officers, within their authority, to one of the offenders were forced to apply measures of physical impact. Person who carried out the overlapping of car traffic brought to administrative responsibility under article 202 and article 185-10 Art”, – stated in the message.

About the incident informed the local office of the National police and the security Service of Ukraine.

In turn, the newspaper Ua reporter notes that the head of the local Association of owners of transit vehicles Paul Bielecki and the activist was taken to the border service Department for Protocol.

Beletsky says that the guards beat them at the checkpoint when the police arrived and stopped them. He says that the guards “have declared an open war against” Peresecina”.

As you know, the owners of vehicles with foreign registration are regularly held protests demanding the authorities to solve the issue with “Peresetsky”. Earlier with an appeal to the Chairman of the State fiscal service of Ukraine (SFSU) Novel Nasirova, head of national police Khatia Dekanoidze to solve the problem “of Peresetsky” asked the Chairman of the Transcarpathian regional state administration Gennady Moskal. He said that the owners of these cars every 5-10 days to cross the state border “does not give the government any revenues, and only creates problems on the border and increases social tension.”

Profile Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine refused to amend the legislation proposed by Chairman of regional state administration and representatives of “Peresecina” changes.