Owners of smartphones often occurs hernia of the spine – the scientists

У владельцев смартфонов чаще возникает грыжа позвоночника – ученые

It’s all in the tilt of the head that it significantly increases pressure on the spine.

American scientists found that smartphone owners begin to suffer from pain in the upper back and neck earlier than people who don’t use gadgets. This is stated in the results of a study published in The Spine Journal.

Orthopedic surgeons Todd LANMAN and Jason Cuellar recorded a growth in the number of young patients suffering from severe back pain or herniation in the discs of the spine. Analyzing x-rays, the researchers found that these patients were atypical bending of the neck, which resulted in daily use of the smartphone for several hours.

Scientists believe that those who spend a lot of time with smartphones in the hands, bow my head, and it significantly increases pressure on the spine. For example, when a person stands straight, his head weighs 4.5-5.5 kilos, but when tilted to 60 degrees the pressure on the spine such as if the head weighs 27 pounds.

As prevention is LANMAN and his colleague offered to owners of smartphones to reduce the load on the neck, for example, when typing, the phone should keep the face, at about eye level. They also recommend to print the fingers of both hands so that the spine was in a more symmetrical and comfortable position.

Previously, scientists from Yale University found that avoiding foods with a high content of TRANS fats helps to reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack.

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