PACE postponed changing sanctions rules

ПАСЕ отложила изменение санкционных правил

In the session hall of the Assembly was not enough votes to support changes to the regulations.

The parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe at a meeting on Tuesday, October 9, decided to postpone the decision changes the rules on sanctions next year. It is reported by the European truth.

Changes to sanctions rules would need to have the support of two thirds of deputies, but the debate showed that there were no enough votes for the changes.

It is noted that failure to vote would mean that the resolution is “killed.” To avoid this, the Rapporteur Peter de Sutter suggested to stop the debate.

“I heard a very emotional argument, even anger. Were constructive arguments. And we see that there are no votes. Therefore, I propose to postpone discussion until January,” she explained.

For the proposal of the Rapporteur voted 99 deputies, against 79, abstentions 16.

Ukrainian MPs have interpreted the outcome of the vote as a success.

We will remind, the day before France began the session. The most important issue, which is scheduled to consider the lifting of sanctions against the Russian delegation.

Last week the Verkhovna Rada adopted a statement on the return of the Russian Federation in PACE. MPs condemned the attempts of lifting the restrictive measures in respect of the permanent delegation of the Russian Federation in PACE to bypass the resolutions of the Assembly.

Recall that in 2014 and 2015, PACE has limited the rights of the Russian delegation. In 2016 Russia ceased to participate in the Assembly and not passed on to Strasbourg a list of its members, thus avoiding the confirmation of sanctions. Russia working in all other Council of Europe bodies continued. 2017 Russia does not pay contributions to the budget of the Council of Europe.


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