Paid off: Chelsea are using money to shut the mouth of a victim of sexual dovgoteles

Откупились: Челси с помощью денег закрыл рот жертве сексуальных домогательс

Chelsea paid a former player of his youth that he had not raised the subject of sexual harassment, which he ne

The Telegraph published a story which could put the beginning of a Grand scandal in English football. As reports the edition, the late Eddie Heath, who worked as a chief scout in the club, in 1970-e years was engaged in sexual harassment in the address of the player of the youth team of Chelsea.

After the victim threatened the current leadership of the Aristocrats to bring the story to the public, the club decided to pay him for the precious silence.

The Telegraph quoted its source, “He (victim of harassment) believes that victims was much more, but this story did not become public knowledge. It was a very serious charge.”

Chelsea decided to settle everything with money: the victim received a certain sum for the fact that he, his family and lawyers never mentioned it.

Initially, the club denied the allegations by the ex-youth team player, but then decided to pay him.

Yesterday on the official Chelsea website was updated with the following message:

“Football club Chelsea turned in an external law firm to conduct an investigation in respect of the now deceased individuals hired by the club to work in 1970-e years”.

“The club also asked the FA to make sure they get the help they need to open their investigation. This assistance includes providing the Football Association with all necessary information that we will be able to get during our own investigation”.

“At the moment we can’t give any more comments on this matter.”

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