Palkin: Fans need to see all the matches

Палкин: Болельщики должны видеть все матчи

Sergei Palkin

The CEO of Shakhtar Sergei Palkin answered the questions of journalists.

– Sergei Anatolyevich, announced the team goals for the season, for the Champions League?

– The last decade they have actually not changed: to win the championship, the Cup and the Supercup. Of course, one of the main tasks – each season to participate in the group stage of the Champions League. These topics are not discussed by the coaches and players know about them.

– Out of the group, the quarter-finals…

Of course, on the basis of logic. I’m talking about our philosophy and our vision for all seasons. The task of “Shakhtar” to play in the group stage of the Champions League. Of course, if we pass on is a big plus. And the farther the better.

– “Shakhtar” will play home matches in Kharkiv or will alternate the stadiums?

– While in Kharkov.

– Does the team gain? Is it possible to wait for transfers?

– At the moment – no. If the closure of the transfer window will have any issues, then we will think.

– When can you play Fred?

– From the beginning of August.

– Many experts believe the miner unconditional favourite of the championship. Do you think you can get somebody to make the team competition?

Football is that to compete at any time by anyone. Each club in the summer had its preparatory process, its enhancement. Surprises can be a lot. We love football because we don’t know how will be tomorrow. And if it was that easy, it would be interesting.

– Today, three clubs remain without a translator. The miner will spend with them away games. How will you get out of the situation, in order for the fans to see your game?

At least we will try to get the fans saw it. Agree, that is another question. I noted that the situation is quite complicated. There is a kind of chain. On the one hand, the broadcasters refuse to show the matches, because it is uninteresting, on the other hand, since the number of clubs playing in stadiums where it is impossible to bring, to establish the title and make a normal picture. A lot of questions, and it is unknown how this situation will end. But we should try to make the fans saw all the games. I think it’s a problem not only for translators, but also clubs, Premier League and football Federation. If we’re going to go to the fact that some fights will not be shown, it will come in the nineties.

– Everyone expected that the new format of the Premier League clubs will win, but in fact they lose more than get?

– It is a complex issue. There are Premier League, broadcasters and clubs, everyone has their own problems. Of course, our plans don’t always work out. We planned a lot of changes in the Premier League. Today made ten percent. We have a long and very serious way. I in any case do not want to blame anyone that is not done, but the fact is that the work is a lot.

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