Palkin: FFU, UPL and clubs must develop grassroots football in Ukraine

Палкин: ФФУ, УПЛ и клубы – должны развивать массовый футбол в Украине

Sergei Palkin

The Director General of Shakhtar Donetsk attended the final of the tournament at the grassroots “Let’s play!”, held near Kiev.

In comments to journalists Sergei Palkin noted the importance of development of youth Amateur football in Ukraine:

“Real football – the one we see here now. After all, when you watch professionals, you see the strategy, tactics, know failures. It is the football that is optimized to a professional level. We see emotions as important. Today the country is the only systematic project of mass football. I would like to invite the football Federation of Ukraine, Premier League, professional clubs to unite around this project. We all need to raise mass sports. When you look at the stadiums, where there are fifteen hundred people, is a systemic problem. A lot of talk about the football organisations, clubs and the national team, but it all starts with this. If the team that came to work in the football Federation of Ukraine has set the task to develop grassroots football, she would say, for example, that when we came, have engaged in massive football ten thousand, and two years later – a hundred thousand. I can assure you that if even the national team have achieved nothing, and they would show that the number of children involved in sports, has increased significantly, this team probably would be left to work in football Federation. This is the basis, this is important. If we don’t start with the grassroots, further development will be. Because the guys that are playing first, left the yard, we tore them from their computers, gadgets – kids sports and, above all, their health. They have by and large two ways: one can go in professional sport, and others are just normal fans will support clubs in the regions. Most importantly, they will support their national team. Then we’ll see filled stadiums. And I repeat: we need to unite around this project, and to engage in grassroots football – this is something you need to work all of our football organizations”, – quotes the words of the Director General of Shakhtar official website of “miners”.

“I don’t want to be alone in this direction, there is a desire to attract more sports organizations to the project. The main indicator – the number of boys and girls involved in football in the country. You need to set clear goals and move towards them. When we will go step by step and the number of people will increase significantly, then it can be called mass football in Ukraine. And the fact that today we see in the stands is not a mass sport. The impression is that clubs have set for themselves, and professional sports lives on his own. So you should start with this. And then, I can assure you that fan will go to the football. After all, when a person is engaged in, worried about it, he’s interested, then he will come to the stadium. And just like that, while playing, will not achieve anything. Today, 90 percent of their effort, time and budget we spend on professional football, and this is all forgotten. We need to move in this direction”, – said Sergei Palkin.

Note that Shakhtar Donetsk is developing a project of grassroots football “Let’s play!” in 2013. Since the start of the geography of the tournament has expanded from two to six cities of Ukraine. In five years, the total number of children involved in the project has reached 2180. Weekly on the grounds of “Let’s play!” is 90 workouts.

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