Palkin: Fonseca knew that at the miner’s most ambitious goals

Палкин: Фонсека прекрасно понимал, что у Шахтера самые амбициозные задачи

Sergei Palkin and Paulo Fonseca

General Director of Donetsk Shakhtar estimated first-year Portuguese coach Paulo Fonseca.

– In football, there is nothing more difficult than to find his coach…

A good coach is, by and large, 50-60% of success. From the mentor depends very much.

Especially with this miner, because for 12 years the team was led by Mircea Lucescu, beneath which were imprisoned all the activities of the club. And after him comes Paulo Fonseca is a young coach, relatively small in comparison with the predecessor experience, not winning. I know that deep in football circles in this choice there was a lot of skepticism. You, when confronted with the Portuguese, made the decision on purpose, put before him the task of instant triumphs or were willing to wait?

– Paulo knew that we have the most ambitious targets: to win all titles in the domestic arena and show meaningful and effective football in European tournaments. As for the “wait”, we can do it in the club-the usual team, but Shakhtar is the best club in Eastern Europe, where the strongest players. So the club need not wait, and the result. It is clear that before making the decision to take the Portuguese coach or not, we spent a lot of analysis. Spoke with many players playing in other European clubs, because it was important for us to understand what the atmosphere in the team and internal kitchen. It looks all just turned on the TV and see what kind of football he plays as manages processes, what changes does what the circuit uses and so on. But it is important that there inside.

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– To be honest, a lot of candidates there?


– I will not ask who, because it is disrespectful of the coach and the club.

– As life has shown we made the right decision, because we already know what happened with the other two candidates…

These two candidates themselves came to you through agents?

No, of course we do search and selection.

– What most impressed Paulo Fonseca for this year?

– Most importantly, what it struck us that’s what won the championship and the Ukrainian Cup. These are the main tasks. But what helped to achieve this goal can be broken down into several components:

First, today is very good microclimate. And you know the best way to determine it was good? This is when the players sitting on the bench, and those who were not included at all in the application, I am glad for those who play on the field, happy for the team’s victory. When this is achieved, we understand that everyone is motivated on one task. This is the main indicator of how a coach creates the internal atmosphere in the team;

Secondly, our team began to control the ball, there was very strict discipline in the defensive actions of the team;

And third, the coaching staff took the everyday life in which he lives and trains the team, and that one training field without heating and constant flights. But Paolo with his coaching staff squeezed the maximum from this situation and never complained that the conditions are not at the team level of the Champions League.

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