Palkin: Shakhtar will not survive without Akhmetov

Палкин: Шахтер не выживет без Ахметова

Palkin told about the problems of the miner

The CEO of Shakhtar Sergei Palkin told about the complex period of the Donetsk team.

“Shakhtar will not survive without Akhmetov. Even in peacetime we would not have reached this level without him. 60-70% of our profit from transfers, it helps to meet the demands of financial fair play,” Palkin told The Guardian.

“We had a lot of profit from advertising and sponsors, but when we moved to Lviv, it’s all gone. Some companies of Donetsk who supported us, almost totally disappeared, and those who remained primarily think about survival, not about the sponsorship,” – said General Director of the miner.

Earlier, SPORTS bigmir)net reported that Sergei Palkin visited the Donbass Arena.

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