Panda albino was first filmed in the wild

Панду-альбиноса впервые сняли в дикой природе

This bamboo bear easier to spot predators and sunlight they transfer more difficult.

Rare giant Panda-albino was first captured in the wild. It happened in the nature reserve of Wenchuan-Oolong in China’s Sichuan province, reports the South China Morning Post on 25 may.

Automatic camera installed in the forest captured a bear in a bamboo mid-April. His body no dark spots, and eyes pink.

“Panda looks strong and is going smoothly is a sign that a genetic mutation could not over-complicate his life,” explains researcher Li Chen from the University of Beijing.

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However, the Panda albino easier to spot predators and sunlight is transferred harder.

Last year in one of the reserves of China for the first time in the wild, found the baby Panda.

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