Paralympic athletes of Russia will participate in the Olympics under a neutral flag

Паралимпийцы РФ выступят на Олимпиаде под нейтральным флагом

Paralympic team Russia

Paralympic team of Russia on hockey won’t be able to play the Games-2018.

Russian Paralympic athletes will be able to compete at the Paralympics in 2018 only under a neutral flag, as the international Paralympic Committee (IPC) extended the suspension of the Russian Paralympic Committee (RCC).

To play the Games, Paralympians will be a strict selection. It is planned that it will undergo 30-35 Russians.

On the form, athletes will not be Russian symbols, and in case of victory will sound the anthem of the IPC.

Russian Paralympic hockey team won’t be able to participate in the Games in 2018, as the Statute of the competitions is not provided by teams neutral athletes.

National symbols of Russia will be banned near with the objects of the Paralympics, and members of the Ministry of sport and the Paralympic Committee of Russia will not be able to attend the competition.

Earlier it was reported that the Paralympic national team of Russia will not admit to the Games in Pyeongchang.

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