Parasyuk explained “watch from St. Nicholas”

Парасюк объяснил "часы от Святого Николая"

The people’s Deputy Vladimir Parasyuk

The MP does not understand the hype around his return.

The people’s Deputy of Ukraine Volodymyr Parasyuk in an interview Gordon explained that a watch, which he allegedly gave to St. Nicholas, is actually a gift from my sister.

Note that today in the NACP threatened to be fined for jokes in the declarations.</p>

“About the clock from St. Nicholas I wrote to show they were not afraid of the declarations… in our family since I can remember, has always been the tradition of giving gifts on Nicholas. We – people of faith, go to Church. And everyone is waiting for St. Nicholas day. As for the record in my Declaration, then it is really true. The clock on St. Nicholas gave me a sister,” said Parasyuk.

The MP did not understand why this watch is so interested in the public.

“For example, President Barack Obama actually allows himself to speeches and press conferences to drop the MIC. And we have naphthalene-Communist attitude to the policy”, – Parasyuk considers.

As reported Корреспондент.netVolodymyr Parasyuk do not understand “clever phrase” e-declarations.


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