Parasyuk offers a stiffer fine for improper maintenance of the animals

Парасюк предлагает жестче штрафовать за неправильное содержание животных

The fines can be increased.

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine a proposal to toughen the penalties for improper maintenance Pets. The bill, initiated by non-faction people’s Deputy Vladimir Parasyuk, was on the Parliament website.

The explanatory Memorandum States that the amendments to the Code of adminnarusheniyah in the part of the animal is required because of the frequent cases of the neglect of the rules of keeping animals. Also, in some cases, the apartments contain dangerous animals, including raptors and reptiles, and fighting dogs walk without muzzles.

For offenders it is proposed to set the penalty from 10 to 30 tax-free income minimums (UAH 170-510) for citizens, and 50 – 100 minimum (850-1700 UAH) to business entities.

It is also proposed to punish owners of animals, which heavily polluted the environment. For that citizens will be fined 100-200 non-taxable minimum (1700-3400 UAH) with confiscation of the animals, and officials and entrepreneurs of 100-200 non-taxable minimum (1700-3400 UAH).

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