Parasyuk said the major victories and defeats of Ukraine in 2016

Парасюк назвал главные победы и поражения Украины в 2016 году

Independent Deputy Vladimir Parasyuk said the major victories and defeats of Ukraine in 2016. Talked with the Deputy of the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

Major victory in 2016 Parasyuk believes the launch of e-Declaration.

“A moral victory is holding until the end of decommunization,.. once again reminded of the electronic Declaration, the big win is that NABU has earned in full, and as for the rest I will not say anything because others do not,” said Parasyuk.

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Parasyuk also noted that next year is going to pay attention to the country’s economy.

“Among the injuries – that we haven’t had deregulation in the country have not reduced the tax burden on entrepreneurs, and, in principle, not reformed all other spheres of activity in our state. This is the biggest defeat. So the next year I first set the question of the economic sector, we simply evolved. While the society in this country is the poor, until there is no law, no clear rule never will be. All life will live in this political paranoia and seek the truth of why we live so badly,” – said the Deputy.

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As you know, state enterprise “Ukrainian special systems”, which is the administrator of the Unified state register of e-declarations, said that from January 1, 2017 will not be able to ensure stable registry operation and the relevant conditions of submission of e-declarations.