Paratroopers conducted exercises in the sea of Azov

Десантники провели учения в Приазовье

Antilanding reserve, supported by tanks, artillery and aircraft “destroyed” the first wave of Marines of the enemy.

Ukrainian military conducted exercises on the coast of the Azov sea. This reports the press center of the headquarters operations of joint forces on Tuesday, may 14.

“This time, according to legend, planned exercises, antilanding reserve of the company tactical group separate air assault brigade, backed by tanks, artillery and assigned to the aircraft “destroyed” the first wave of Marines of the enemy, except the landing of his second echelon”, – stated in the message.

The staff noted that the water area and the Ukrainian coast of the Azov sea remain high-risk areas for the development of military aggression. Therefore, units OOS in this area, performing daily military tasks in the hot parts of the front, at the same time preparing for action in all possible tactical scenarios, to the Azov sea.

Before it became known that the APU fulfills the seizure of vessels on the high seas. Boarding group 73 sea center of a special purpose Command of the special operations forces APU to fulfill the seizure of ships by air and sea.

Earlier in the area of operation of environmental protection held tactical exercises of air defense.

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