Paris was fined for abuse of Facebook user data

Париж оштрафовал Facebook за злоупотребление данными пользователей

According to the French regulator, Facebook does not protect your information from advertisers.

The French Agency for personal data protection imposed on the company Facebook to a fine of € 150,000. According to French authorities, the administration of the social network failed to protect its users ‘ data from advertisers, and the users themselves are not able to influence the situation.

In addition, the social network has charged that it collects data on browsing other sites without warning the user. Associated with these claims inspections are conducted also in Germany, Spain, the Netherlands and Belgium.

The first official notice of claims French regulator has directed the company’s Facebook in January 2016, but the company has not given any satisfactory answer.

Above the amount of the fine is the maximum fine that may require office for protection of personal data in France. Facebook can appeal the decision in the State Council – the highest judicial instance in administrative cases within four months.

Earlier, the court in Austria has ordered Facebook to remove offensive posts.

According to the materials: