Parker: because Of the risk in a battle with me, Joshua demands a rematch clause

Паркер: Из-за риска в бою со мной Джошуа требует пункт о реванше

Joseph Parker

New Zealand boxer Joseph Parker has doubts about the willingness of the Briton Anthony Joshua to take his challenge.

The world champion under version WBO in a super heavyweight Joseph Parker and his team are still negotiating a fight with the owner of the title of WBA/IBO/IBF heavyweight Anthony Joshua. The parties are close to agreement, but the main problem is the financial issue.

Initially, Parker’s promoter, David Higgins, sought half of the fee for the duel, but in the camp, Joshua said no. Then had to reduce their requests to 40:60, and then to 35:65. However, Joshua’s promoter, Eddie Hiro, and it was not enough.

According to Parker, Joshua wants not only more than 65%, but the rematch clause.

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“I want to test myself in battle with the best, so it’s the fight I really want. David Higgins is doing everything possible to make this happen, and I think he brings Joshua to clean water. If Anthony does not agree to the proportions of 65:35 in his favor, it will be proof that he doesn’t want the fight.

I think he’s a huge risk by agreeing to fight with me, so he needed more than 65% of the fee and the rematch clause” – quoted BoxingScene Parker.

Earlier it was reported that Parker refused to fight with Tony Bellew.

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