Parliament abolished the pension fee for currency exchange

Рада отменила пенсионный сбор при обмене валюты

Parliament abolished the 2% pension levy on currency exchange

Deputies abolished the 2% pension levy on transactions of foreign currency purchase by individuals.

The Verkhovna Rada has approved in the second reading the bill on amendments to the Tax code, which provides for the abolition of the 2% pension levy on currency exchange. “For” bill No. 5132 voted 235 deputies.

The document amends the law “On collecting the mandatory state pension insurance”.

From 2015, the retirement fee when buying foreign currency (interest rate 2%) pay only individuals who carried out the purchase of foreign currency solely in cash (except for physical persons who bought foreign currency to repay loans).

The legal entity for all operations on purchase and sale of foreign currency, both in cash and cashless forms, from 2015, the pension levy is not paid.

Ukrainians in August increased purchase of foreign currency

We will remind, earlier the national Bank ordered currency exchange offices issue checks.