Parliament has increased the penalties for “late” “EuroBLECH”

Рада повысила штрафы за "просроченные" "евробляхи"

The document provides penalties for violation of the tenure of the car on the “EuroBLECH” mode of transit.

The Verkhovna Rada at a meeting on Thursday, November 8, 245 votes adopted the law No. 8488 on amendments to the Customs code, which relate to the importation of vehicles into the territory of Ukraine.

This bill would increase penalties for illegal use of the vehicle on foreign registration.

Fines under article 470 of the Customs code for exceeding deadlines in the “transit” which is now the maximum amount to 8,500 UAH (over 10 days) will be increased according to the following scale: 10-20 days delay – 8500 UAH 20-30 days – 85 thousand hryvnias, more than 30 days UAH 170 thousand.

We are planning to do with penalties under article 481 of the Customs code for exceeding deadlines in the mode of “temporary import”. Now they most amount to 17 thousand hryvnia, and will be 17 thousand (10-20 days), 85 thousand (20-30 days) and 170 thousand (more than 30 days).

In article 469 of the Customs code of the deputies ordered that the transfer of personal vehicle plates to a person who was not imported, is punished with a fine in the amount of 34 thousand UAH.

Article 121 of the code of Ukraine on administrative offenses also introduces liability for drivers “EuroBLECH”. For riding a “late” car will be punished by a fine of 8500 UAH for the repeated violation can take away a driver’s license and be fined on 17 thousand hryvnias.

The national police are permitted to stop drivers for the purpose of identifying overdue vehicles, and the establishment of the fact of improper management of such vehicles. After this the information will be transferred to the authorities of revenues and duties. Customs officers will also receive information about the entry “EuroBLECH” from the State border service.

Earlier today the Rada adopted a new law on the customs clearance of the imported goods in Ukraine of vehicles with foreign registration.


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