Parliament intends to create the office of the attorney General

Рада намерена создать Офис генпрокурора

Rada will create the office of the attorney General

The Parliament in the first reading supported the reform of the prosecution. According to her, will created the Office of public Prosecutor and military Prosecutor’s office eliminate at all.

The Verkhovna Rada intends to establish the Office of the attorney General after Vladimir Zelensky created the Office of the President. For the bill №1032 based on 287 deputies voted for the minimum required 226, transmit Ukrainian news.

The document proposes the construction after the certification of the prosecutors of the new structure in the form of: Office of Prosecutor General, regional Prosecutor’s offices, district Prosecutor’s offices.

The provision to the attorney General the right to eliminate and reorganize the district and regional Prosecutor’s office; the liquidation of the military Prosecutor, but to establish the right of attorney General to create a specialized Prosecutor’s office on the rights of the structural unit.

It is proposed to reduce the maximum number of employees of the Prosecutor’s office from 15 thousand to 10 thousand, to give the attorney General the authority to approve the development strategy of the prosecution, the system of assessing the quality of work of prosecutors, the procedure for measuring and controlling the load on prosecutors, the consideration of appeals.

Also be given the opportunity to all the candidates with higher legal education and work experience in the field of law to participate in the selection for positions in the Prosecutor’s office, transformed the national Academy of Prosecutor’s office in the Training centre for prosecutors, raised the base salary of the Prosecutor of 12 to 15 times the subsistence minimum (up to 29 thousand), a maximum 25% maximum amount of annual awards to prosecutors.

Prosecutors will have certification of personnel commissions for enrollment in the newly created Office and the local Prosecutor’s office, except for employees of Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office.

Certification will include an exam and interview.

Persons who want to become prosecutors in the presence of higher legal education and work experience in the field of law would be subject to open competition for vacant positions.

Until September 1, 2021 it is proposed to suspend the powers of the qualification and disciplinary Commission of public prosecutors and establishes that the attorney General approves the procedure for the selection of personnel commissions, determines the order of substitution of temporarily vacant posts of prosecutors, appoint persons to administrative positions in the Office and on the position of head of the regional Prosecutor’s office (with the approval of the Commission for the selection of the governing bodies of Prosecutor’s office) determines the order for the consideration of disciplinary complaints personnel commissions on Commission by the attorney disciplinary misconduct and disciplinary proceedings, determines the order of decision-making personnel commissions on the results of production and when there are legitimate grounds for the imposition on him of a disciplinary penalty or the decision on impossibility of the further stay of the person in the position of Prosecutor.

Earlier the public Prosecutor Ruslan Ryaboshapka declared that the military Prosecutor’s office should be eliminated, and instead to create a new Agency.


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