Parliament to vote the abolition of taxes on working pensioners.

Парламенту нужно проголосовать за отмену налогов с работающих пенсионеров, - нардеп

In addition to voting for the abolition of tax on pension, Parliament need to vote for the abolition of taxes on working pensioners. About it in the Parliament said the MP Dmytro Dobrodomov.

“It is also necessary to vote, not to forget to remove taxes on working pensioners, I mean those 15% who voted coalition for some unknown reason. Because no achievement the budget didn’t get one, some money left in the shade, and some retirees are not getting the best that money… If the abbreviated procedure, then the next session week, as well on Thursday and you can start. During this time, go edit, will consider the Committee, and I think that we should not delay, to vote, to take this rule, and finally put this in proper, civilized fashion,” said he.

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He also commented that the NF was persuaded not to propose the candidacy of Andrey Magera in the new composition of the CEC.

“I know just the principal position with Bank that all former members of the CEC, even normal people, for example, Andrei Magera, I believe, a principled stand, white in the minority, but certain factions are against. Now the “popular front” convinced Mr. Magheru not to make, and I consider that a mistake on their part. A few remained, but that make a faction of the democratic opposition. I understand that there will be talks about the fact that these candidates had not even been made. That is, again, trying to do banked CEC understandable to yourself, but by and large, hand”, he added.

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Recall, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (VRU) intends to exempt pensions from taxation. In the governmental bill No. 4542 “On amendments to the Tax code of Ukraine regarding exemption from taxation of the pensions in the first reading as the basis voted 307 MPs.