Part of the Donetsk region the third day without electricity and water

Часть Донетчины третьи сутки без света и воды

Nearly 400 thousand inhabitants of Donetsk region remain without light and water

The water supply to the population in five districts of the region is carried out hourly.

More than 380 thousand residents of five districts of Donetsk region were left without water and electricity because of damaged high voltage power lines, reported in gschs.

“As of 7.00 on June 10, the water supply to the population (about 388 thousand inhabitants) in 5 districts of the region is hourly with 21 back of the tank with a total capacity of 61 thousand cubic meters, namely: intercession (178 thousand people, 5 tanks of 27 thousand cubic meters), Selidovsky (80 thousand people, 6 tanks, 7 thousand cubic meters), Volnovakha (50 thousand people, 4 tanks, and 16 thousand cub m), dobropolsky (50 thousand people, 2 tanks – 2 thousand cubic meters) and Maryinsky (30 thousand people, 4 tank 9 thousand cubic meters),” – said in the message.

In gschs recalled that on June 8 in the fighting in the Yasinovatsky region of Donetsk region near the village of Vasilevka in uncontrolled territory the damage has occurred high-voltage power lines that led to the termination of electricity supply to the pumping station first lift Yuzhnodonbasskaya water, which provides water for three filtration station on the territory, namely: Charles (S. Karlovka), Velikoanadolsky (Volnovaha) and Stary (Mariupol).

“Currently the need of water supply is absent. When hourly water supply, the possibility of providing the population with water can be 3-4 days,” explained in gschs.

The issue of resumption of power supply in conditions of security workers.

In addition, without gas remains of the item.