Part of the “helicopters Avakov” was used

Часть "вертолетов Авакова" оказались подержанными

Ukraine will buy 55 French helicopters

Ukraine buys French helicopters at 555 million euros. However, some of them appeared to be used.

Of the 55 helicopters, which the Ukrainian law enforcers have to buy from France, 21 helicopters were previously in use. This follows from the documentation on the website system ProZorro.

In the procurement documents, that used helicopters Н225 “can have differences due to the specific industry standard year of production, or the original requirements of the first owner”.

The full value of the contract amounts to 555 million euros. This amount also includes training, maintenance, etc.

Of the total almost 274,5 million will be spent on the purchase Н225 that have a lifting capacity over 10 tonnes.

Ukraine buys these helicopters due to the French loan of 475 million euros, concluded in the agreement between the governments of the two countries.

Часть "вертолетов Авакова" оказались подержанными



Recall, Ukraine and France signed a contract for the supply of helicopters. The contract gives the possibility to obtain 55 modern helicopters that will be used in the security system. The deal will amount to 555 million euros.

It is expected that the first four Super Puma helicopters, Airbus Helicopters will arrive in the country until the end of 2018.


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