Participation of MPs in the vote of Parliament has improved, kiu

Участие нардепов в голосованиях Рады улучшилось - КИУ

Almost fifty MPs missed the 90% voting Happy

The Committee of voters of Ukraine reported that in September, 46 people’s deputies almost didn’t vote, 11 – not voted even once.

In September, 46 people’s deputies almost didn’t vote, conceding 90% of the votes. 11 of them – voted not once in a month. On Tuesday, September 25, the Committee of voters of Ukraine.

It is noted that the zero indicators of the votes of members of Parliament Evgeniy murayev, Konstantin Zhevago, and Dmitry Yarosh, Lev pidlisetskyi, Yuriy-Bohdan Shukhevych.Never voted escaped deputies Yevhen Bakulin, Sergey Klyuev and Alexander Onishchenko.

“Not voting is also Vyacheslav Konstantinovsky and Andriy zhurzhiy, which announced the resignation of Deputy powers, and Nadezhda Savchenko, in custody”, – is spoken in the message.

According to the Council website, officially they missed the vote for unknown reasons, i.e. not due to illness or trips.

In addition, some of the deputies voted only a few times a month.Among them, Vitaly Chepinoga, and Vadim Rabinovich (participated in 0.4% of the vote), Yefim Zvyagilsky (0.8 per cent), Yuri Malt (1.6 percent), Natalie king (2%), Sergei Larin (3,1% ), Anatoliy girshfeld (3,1%), Dmitry Dobkin (4%), Denis Omelyanovich (4%), Sergey Levochkin (4%), Nestor Shufrych (4%), Hryhoriy Nemyria (4,3%), Ivan Fursin (5%), Mykola Skoryk (5%).

It is also noted that politicians often did not vote, although was officially registered at the meeting. In particular, Serhiy Kivalov and Michael Poplawski was was at all the meetings of BP, but took part in only 8% and 10% of the votes respectively.

“In September had slightly improved the participation of people’s deputies voting in Parliament. So, if in may 2018, 90% of the votes missed 71 MP, in June 79, July – 52, Sep – 46. Primarily this is due to the importance of voting this month,” said the Chairman of the CVU Alexey Purse.

Only September held twelve plenary sessions of the Verkhovna Rada, which was held on 255 votes.

Участие нардепов в голосованиях Рады улучшилось - КИУ



During the eighth session (February – July 2018) 53 people’s deputies missed 90% of the votes of Parliament.

It was also reported that, according to the survey, the most corrupt body of government in the country is the Verkhovna Rada.


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