Party “the Center” received a new name

Партия "Центр" получила новое название

“Center” Rabinovich became “Gitty”

Now the party Rabinovitch will be called “Life”.

Party “Center” Vadim Rabinovich renamed “Life”, such decision was made by the delegates of the Congress, which was held in Kyiv today.

The leader of the party delegates unanimously re-elected Rabinovich, head of the political Council became the people’s Deputy Eugene Moore. The symbol of a new political force selected a flower of a sunflower.

Earlier immigrants from the opposition bloc announced the creation of a new party.

Both leaders declared that the party of “Life” will focus on center-left ideology.

We will remind, yesterday was published a poll from the Centre “Social monitoring”. According to the study, the party of “the Centre” the rise of electoral support. For the party are ready to vote, 4.5% of the Ukrainians, who have already decided that I would go to the polls. According to sociologists, the party Rabinovich has a high chance to pass in the next Parliament.