Pasichnik dismissed from the post of head of the Supervisory Board of the subsidiary

Пасишник уволен с должности главы набсовета "Укргаздобычи"

Participants in the meeting of shareholders of Ukraine’s largest gas company “Ukrgasdobycha” in its decision of April 21, ahead of schedule stopped powers of the head of the Supervisory Council Andrei Pasechnika, reports “UNIAN”.

The shareholders appointed the new head of the Supervisory Board of gas company Yuriy Vitrenko, who worked as Director of business development of the NJSC “Naftogaz of Ukraine”.

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On 11 March Pasichnyk during interrogation in NABOO in the case of the resignation of the Minister of economic development and trade of Aivaras Abromavicius announced the suspicion. The anticorruption Prosecutor Nazar Golodnitsky reported that Pasichnik refused to testify. He was elected a measure of restraint in the form of personal liability.

February 3, detectives NABOO started checking the facts announced by Abromavicius, of a possible interference in the work of the Ministry by first Deputy leader of the PPB faction Ihor Kononenko and other people’s deputies. NABOO was an established fact of implementation 25.01-01.02.2016 illegal influence on Pasechnika Abromavicius in order to introduce against the will of the Minister the proposal for the appointment to the post of Deputy Minister.

As previously stated people’s Deputy Serhiy Leshchenko, Andrew Pasichnyk is the same person, because “forcing” which Abromavicius has resigned and whose appointment as Deputy Minister of economy lobbied Kononenko.

Leshchenko published the correspondence between the head of the MEDT Aivaras abromavicius and a protege of Igor Kononenko to the post of his Deputy Andrey Pasichnyk.