Passport of Ukraine entered the top-25 world ranking

Паспорт Украины вошел в топ-25 мирового рейтинга

Ukraine was the 24th in the ranking of “power passport”

Ukrainian passport guarantees visa-free access to over 90 countries. The visa must be made for travel to 67 countries.

Passport of Ukraine took 24-th place in the ranking of Global Passport Power Rank 2018, according to Radio Liberty on Monday, September 10.

According to the rating, Ukraine passport guarantees visa-free access to over 90 countries. In 41 countries Ukrainians can obtain a visa on arrival and for travel in 67 States must apply for a visa in advance.

According to the report to 2017, Ukraine strengthened its position in the ranking due to the visa-free access to 34 countries.

Among the countries for which Ukrainians still need a visa – Japan, USA, UK, Ireland and China.

First place in the ranking took the passport of the citizen of Singapore, owners can travel without visas in 127 countries, and only 32 must apply for a visa.

Note, in the ranking international consulting firm Henley&Partners, a Ukrainian passport for the year rose in the rankings more than any other countries and occupies the 38th place in the index.


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