Patrol negligence led to the death of a man prosecutors

Халатность патрульных привела к смерти мужчины – прокуратура

Long patrol were responding to a call

Police accused that they are unable to prevent the death of hersonets.

Improper performance of patrol police officers in Kherson their duties resulted in the Commission of a particularly serious crime and the inability of its operational disclosure. About it reports a press-service of regional Prosecutor’s office on Monday, may 23.

As noted, during the night of 25 April, the resident of Kherson called twice to the police with the message on Commission of crime, as indicated by characteristic signs, particularly loud argument and screams for help.

Also, the Complainant said that he had seen the body of a man put to the car. The patrol police officers in the Kherson arrived on the scene more than half an hour. Also in Prosecutor’s office declare that during carrying out Prime investigative actions, the patrol has not fulfilled properly obligations.

The same night the car was found, which was pointed out by the Complainant, in the charred state. In the course of his inspection found the charred corpse of a man.

Kherson local Prosecutor’s office has registered criminal proceedings with preliminary legal qualification of “negligence”.

Earlier it was reported that in Kharkov a car patrol got into a triple accident.

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