Patrushev participated in the attempt to disrupt the NATO exercises in the Crimea, ex – MP

Патрушев участвовал в попытке срыва учений НАТО в Крыму, - экс-депутат Рады

Former Verkhovna Rada Deputy Leonid Grach said that in 2008 the Director of FSB Nikolay Patrushev has assisted the Crimean protesters who tried to disrupt the joint military exercises of Ukraine and NATO. This ex-member said in an interview with “Medusa”.

As reported, former Ukrainian MP, Patrushev supported the Ukrainian opposition since 2005, after the “orange revolution”. He also called the head of the FSB, “the only man in Moscow who does not empty talk led”. What exactly is help, rook explained.

“Nikolai Platonovich is the only one who really not only deeply saw the developments that led to what has resulted, but also really contributed to the fact that we could rise If it is this opposition that I lead to date, has not supported Nikolay Platonovich, here would be the American fleet,” said rook.

Leonid Grach, the last Soviet head of the Crimea. He was subsequently a member of the Supreme Council of Crimea and head of Crimean Republican Committee of the Communist party of Ukraine.

In 2008, Ukraine and NATO held joint exercises “sea breeze”. In particular, they took place in the Crimean lake Donuzlav. The protesters are supporters of the Communist party of Ukraine organized a tent camp, tried to block armored vehicles and clashed with the Marines of the armed forces of Ukraine.

According to the protesters, the Marines of the Ukrainian Navy fired into the air and throwing firecrackers at people. One of the participants received burns to the feet, and Leonid Grach broke a finger.

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