Paul the Mushroom spoke about his kidnapping in Belarus

Павел Гриб рассказал о своем похищении в Беларуси

Paul the Mushroom is included in ukraisnky plane flew for prisoners in Moscow

To the question “who are You?” bound his men said, “Grandfather pihto”. In the paddy wagon he was beaten while trying to look around.

Released from Russia Pavel Grib said that during his detention in Belarus was beaten and bound his hands so hard that it left a scar. He said this in an interview with BBC News Ukraine, which was published on Thursday, September 12.

“I was detained by a SWAT team is tough. Put the plastic clamps that squeezed my hands and left a scar. Beat that I wasn’t looking somewhere to the side, not looking where they were going. So I’m in the van did not superfluous movement,” – said the Mushroom.

On the question of the journalist, was it clear that the detention of the Russian FSB, and not the Belarusian law enforcement, the Mushroom replied, “it was Immediately clear who could hold. Only they could”.

Thus, the question “who are You?” he replied, “Grandfather pihto”.

According to him, in spite of the assurances which he was given, he understood the risks of meeting with a girl in Belarus.

“I was offered, providing some guarantees. But I fully understand the risks, still, it was risky. Such action on my part, but I also had no reason to think that I’ll really need someone because of some bullshit,” said the Mushroom.

Recall that in 2017, the father of Paul Mushroom Mushroom Igor said that his son went to the city of Gomel to a meeting with the girl, whom he met and communicated only on social networks. Under the arrangement, Paul should have been back in the day.

But later it became known that he was being held in the Krasnodar remand prison. The mushroom charged with facilitating terrorist activities. According to investigators, the Russian Federation, he allegedly invited a familiar girl from Sochi to detonate a bomb on the line in a Russian school. The lawyer of the Fungus, said that Paul was abducted by FSB officers.

We will remind, the Russian court March 22 sentenced the Fungus to six years in a penal colony on charges of aiding terrorism.

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