Pavelko: If Dinamo will refuse to go to Mariupol, deduct lose

Павелко: Если Динамо откажется ехать в Мариуполь, засчитаем поражение

Andriy Pavelko

The President of the FFU Andrew Pavelko said that the rules are the same for all clubs.

The President of the FFU Andrew Pavelko in the program “Great football” on TV channel Football 1 commented on the statement of the President of Dynamo Igor Surkis.

“Surkis does not just talk, but also active, writes to the authorities of the letter. The match should take place in Mariupol. I am sure that there are no coincidences that one match was some kind of threat. It’s all manipulation of opinion.

We need documents, which will be clearly stated, not ambiguous, not “it could be considered”. Have to say: “We prohibit to play at a certain period in the country or in this city.” And then we will implement these recommendations.

As I understand it, the FTC and the Premier League will make a number of decisions on this issue. Today, without reason, without prohibition of the relevant authorities is a direct defeat 0:3. I think it is understood by all, including fans of Dynamo Kiev. It is a move not even against football, and against the integrity of Ukraine. Rules should be same for everyone, and they can not be an exception for anyone. So, there are regulations, and it will run, if necessary.

Mariupol is Ukraine. Here is a great football environment, there should be all matches without exception. We should not divide on the preferred clubs and not privileged. Through time, we will see in the work of all of our services. In the future we are waiting for the international matches in Mariupol.

Earlier it was reported that Dinamo appealed to FFU and UPL with a request to postpone the match in Mariupol.

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