Payment of child support in Ukraine to 2019: what you need to know

 Выплаты на ребенка в Украине 2019: что нужно знать

Payment of child support in 2019

The birth rate in Ukraine is low. Statistics are as follows: per woman of childbearing age have 1.1 child. Ukraine takes 172 place in the global ranking of States in terms of demographics.

In many ways the situation is due to insufficient amount of state financial assistance for the child and amount of social benefits for pregnancy and childbirth.

It is known that in the Ukrainian Parliament in limbo are bills that significantly increased child benefit in 2019. It is about the size of a one-time assistance at birth and further monthly payments. In addition, the planned re-examination of maternity benefits. will tell you what financial help can count families in which next year the baby gets here. Payment of child support in Ukraine in 2019, what you need to know.

The size of payments for pregnancy and childbirth

 Выплаты на ребенка в Украине 2019: что нужно знать

Payments pregnant in 2019 / photo:

To get “maternity leave” is sufficient to provide in place of the Fiat sheet from the antenatal clinic. Inoperative for any reasons women, ladies, registered as private entrepreneurs, and serves the document to the territorial bodies of social protection. Students of hospital and post-graduate students of the Universities provide the same help in the Dean’s office.

Duration of decree 30 weeks, namely: 70 days before birth and 56 after. In the case of cesarean delivery or birth of two or more children, the maternity leave increases by 2 weeks (140 days). The “Chernobyl” assistance is paid for 180 calendar days.

Maternity leave is accrued at the rate of 25% of the minimum subsistence level for the unemployed and entrepreneurs. If the latter is transferred to the state Treasury single social contribution, then the payments are made in 100% volume. Accrual of vacation leave for formally employed does not differ from the mechanism of accrual for paid annual leave in the amount of 100% of the monthly income.

So, from July 2018 social maternity are 444,25 UAH. Accordingly, today 126 days are paid UAH 1933. It should be noted that maternity pay than once a month, and once for the entire period.

Based on the draft budget for 2019, the minimum wage in Ukraine will be equal to UAH 1853, to July 1936, will grow to UAH, and in December – up to UAH 2027. This means that from December this year, the monthly amount of the social maternity leave be more 20 UAH. July – 40 UAH, from December 2019 – 62 UAH.

Child benefit 2019

 Выплаты на ребенка в Украине 2019: что нужно знать

Child benefit 2019 / photo:

Since 2014 until today, the amount of financial assistance for child birth is 41280 UAH. Payments do not spend the lump sum, but in two stages. So, to the Bank account of the parents after a month or two after making allowances in the social services authorities will receive a payment in the amount of UAH 10320.

Further, the remaining amount (30960 UAH). divide by 36 months and pay for 860 UAH. If five years ago, the amount of the payments depended on the number of child appeared in the family, and for second and subsequent children paid up to 100,000 UAH, today the number of children does not matter.

This year, the Parliament discussed the reform of payments “children’s” money. Only by encouraging Finance to increase the birth rate in the country, sure some of the MPs and suggested some bills.

First, you need to install a “floating” amount of payments in accordance with the minimum subsistence level which is established for children up to six years. From 1 January 2019 is 1626 UAH.

Also, the MPs propose to return the rules relating to the birth of the second child and subsequent children. So, the first kid to offer to pay 52 “children” living wage (about 78 thousand UAH.) for the second – 70 (104 thous.), on third – 120 (almost 180 thousand UAH.).

Such a large amount, expect to pay tranches: a large one-time payment and equal monthly payments up to 6 years.

In the second bill, proposed to make reference payments “children’s” money not to the subsistence level and minimum wage. For parents this scheme is more advantageous, since the single payment shall be 5 times the minimum wage.

For example, in 2019 the minimum wage will be equal to UAH 4170. This means that the amount of assistance at birth can be more than 20 thousand hryvnias. Next to the parents until the child reaches 3 years of monthly pay of a minimum wage.

If in 2019 one of the proposed laws is unknown, because the developers did not specify the source of funding of such payments.

Other child benefits

 Выплаты на ребенка в Украине 2019: что нужно знать

Payment of child support in 2019 / photo:

In Ukraine, additional benefits paid to single mothers who have income lower than the subsistence minimum. This takes into account the income of all family members who are registered or reside with the child’s mother.

Mothers with children up to 6 years, paid monthly 1492 UAH, one in which to raise a child 6-18 years pay UAH 1860. A large amount – UAH 1762. can expect those poor moms who have children 18-23. The revision of the amounts payable in 2019.

Additional money from the state, get a family, bringing up a foster child or under a guardianship.

Allowance non-payment of support is ½ of the difference between children’s cost of living and per capita income. In terms of money for children up to 6 years pay UAH 746. on a monthly basis and at the senior – 930 UAH.

Payments for children with disabilities as of 2018

Amount of financial assistance depends on the degree of disability of the child.

The degree of disability

The size of payments

Disabled children of group I, included in group “A”

2821 UAH.

Children assigned to group II with the sub-group “B”

2059 UAH.

Children who received the degree of disability group II

1373 UAH.

Children who received the results of the examination of the THIRD group

1373 UAH.

Children who were issued disability III group with subgroup “A” (age 6-18 years)

2821 UAH.

Children who have received the status of a disabled person-the Chernobyl veteran

1441 UAH.

Disabled people-Chernobyl veterans with the sub-group “A”

2933 UAH.

Disabled people-Chernobyl veterans aged from 6 years until the age of adulthood in the General case

For children who are in group “A”

2371 UAH.

3301 UAH.

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