Payments to depositors of Khreschatyk moved

Выплаты вкладчикам Хрещатика перенесли

Bank Khreschatyk

It is anticipated that payments will begin no later than may 18.

The guarantee Fund of deposits of physical persons have declared readiness to begin payments within a guaranteed amount of compensation, however, they will start a few days later than the previously announced date.

Earlier, the Fund promised to start paying on may 12.

As assured in the Department, the necessary funds have already been reserved for payment and ready for transferring to certain agent banks, which signed the contracts.

“However, in cooperation with the Kyiv city state administration with the aim of maximum preservation of the Bank’s assets, the Fund is considering the possibility of withdrawal of Khreschatyk from the market with the involvement of the investor. In this regard, payments to depositors will start a few days later than the previously announced date, but only within the term stipulated by legislation”, – stated in the Fund.

Thus, it is expected that payments will start not later than may 18.

As reported, April 5, Khreschatyk Bank was declared insolvent.

At the end of April the Fund of guaranteeing deposits of natural persons has extended a temporary administration in the Bank for a month – from may 5 to June 4, 2016.


Bank Khreschatyk was founded in 1993. By size of total assets on October 1, 2015 (10,09 billion USD) took 18-th place among the Ukrainian banks 123. 25% of shares belongs to the city of Kiev.

We will note, according to media reports, today the customers of the Bank Khreschatyk stormed the Central office, the only one where is possible to get the money. According to depositors, in full they have not received any deposits or salary. On hand issued not more than 2,5 thousand hryvnias.