Peacemaker has published a new list of journalists

Миротворец обнародовал новый список журналистов

In the new list 5412 records

Site administrators apologized for database “not the first freshness”.

The staff of the Peacemaker center has published an updated list of accredited journalists in the DNI. The publication appeared on the morning of may 9.

The website apologized for the publication of the previous list in the context of the fact that he “was not the first freshness”.

“The fact that published on the website the list was obtained from the so-called Minister of propaganda of the terrorist organization “DNR” Elena Nikitina (Pushilina) in the month of December 2015 and contained a little over 4000 entries”, – stated in the message.

In the expanded list, according to the website, contains 5412 records, among which is 2082 Russian journalists, 1816 — journalists in other countries.

“Information about accredited terrorist organization DNR journalists is published in accordance with article 17 of the Constitution of Ukraine”, – said on the website.

As reported, the website Peacekeeper caught in a scandal after the publication of lists with the data of thousands of Ukrainian journalists accredited by the separatists of Donbass.

May 13, Peacemaker has announced its closure.

May 15, Deputy Minister of the temporarily occupied territories George Tooke stated that the project Peacekeeper will resume its work.

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