Peacemaker removed the list of journalists, “cooperating with Russia”

Миротворец удалил список журналистов, "сотрудничающих с РФ"

The Peacemaker website deleted data journalists allegedly accredited by the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation

The data file was removed in connection with the end of the information security operation”, specified on the website.

The Peacemaker website has removed the list of journalists, “cooperating with Russia”. This is indicated on the resource.

“In connection with the completion of the information security operation “an investigative experiment”
file with data on journalists is taken from the website of the MFA of Russia (the aggressor country, sponsoring international terrorism), deleted”, – said on the website.

It is also noted that after the data processing will publish a detailed report with the results. The list of journalists can be found on the website of the Russian foreign Ministry stated on the resource.

The list was part of data 293 employees of foreign media outlets from 59 countries. Also among them were journalists from Austria, Azerbaijan, Japan, Brazil and Iraq. Several sotrudnikov represented the Arab media and four in Ukraine.

Recall, the Peacemaker caused a scandal by publishing lists with the data of thousands of Ukrainian journalists. They were accredited by the separatists for their work in Donbass.

May 13, Peacemaker announced its closure, and may 15, Deputy Minister of the temporarily occupied territories George Tooke stated that the project Peacekeeper will resume its work.

Earlier, on 20 may, the website has updated the list of journalists accredited to the DNR.

And on may 24 the Peacemaker has published a new list of journalists

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