Penalty under skirts back in the NBA

Штрафные из-под юбки возвращаются в НБА

Houston’s center to Chinano Onuaku scored a spectacular debut in the NBA match.

20-year-old rookie rockets first came on the court in NBA match. It happened in the game against Phoenix, in which Onuaku scored 6 points and made 3 rebounds.

Result for a debut is not bad, but not too impressive, but the way in which Chinano earned 2 of these 6 points have caused his teammates were delighted.

During the execution of the penalty the young player decided to “stand out” and throws performed with the use of old equipment “under the skirt”.

It is noteworthy that Onuaku converted both shots, giving the audience a truly memorable debut.

Onuaku was selected in the draft in 2016 under the 37th number.

Chinanu Onuaku shot his first NBA free throws underhanded and made them both.

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GRU 26, 2016 7:41 PST

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